Ward nurses ‘incredible’

SOME cynics will argue that loyalty doesn’t count for anything in this day and age. However, anyone having spent time on Harlands Ward in Uckfield Community Hospital, whether a patient or a visitor, will tell you differently.

My husband has been a patient on this ward for two months and the loyalty, dedication and enthusiasm of the nursing team has been incredible. In fact Malcolm Francis, in his letter published by you on Friday July 15, reiterates the general feeling very well.

One cannot conceive why a managerial overhaul finds it necessary to remove two senior ward sisters from an excellent nursing team, established over many years, when things are operating so well.

Understandably, patient safety at Crowborough and Lewes hospitals is tantamount, but with a number of empty beds at Uckfield Hospital, these patients could be transferred to enjoy the experience of a well-run ward, until the two hospitals in question fill their vacancies.

No doubt the management has a larger agenda for the future than removing two senior staff from Uckfield, but it is hoped they will remember the importance of quality consultation and communication with everyone concerned.

Margaret G Picknell, Nutley