Waste recycling bin collections still regularly missed in Wealden

I’d just like to let you know the problems some residents of Wealden are still having, getting their bins emptied.

Four weeks ago, my elderly neighbour’s recycling bin was missed, it wasn’t collected later !

A fortnight ago, on Thursday, all the recycling bins in our lane were missed. They weren’t collected after, so now my neighbour’s recycling is six weeks old and ours is four weeks old!

Today, guess what. All the recycling bins in our lane were missed again!

I mean come on, the recycling hasn’t been cleared for virtually a month.

Our next recycling day is Saturday, December 28. By that time, the recycling bins will have gained status as Sites of Special Scientific Interest!

I’ve reported our missed bin again on Wealden District Council’s new website where we now have to sign in with personal details just to advise them of a missed bin.

This creates the problem for us residents in that we can only report our own bin. It’s no longer possible to report a bin for someone else; someone who doesn’t have a computer, or internet access for example – such as an elderly neighbour or mum-in-law.

While it is possible for anyone to phone in and report a missed bin, that leaves no proof of reporting, let alone to whom you might be talking to!

I’m being given the impression that Wealden District Council are trying to restrict the tally of missed bins to protect their relationship with Kier.

I should add that although we are regularly missed by the recycling round, at this time, the refuse and green waste appear to manage to empty our other bins.

Paul Longley

Punnetts Town