Water meters - We are not the ‘anti-Israel brigade’

Neil Duncanson (letters, September 27) is sure that Lewes residents deserve to hear the truth in the pages of the Sussex Express and yet he labels those who have refused to have Arad meters fitted as ‘the anti-Israel brigade’.

Not so. This is a principled stand of conscience: to boycott companies which benefit from the occupation of Palestinian territories, eg Arad and Sodastream, is to support the work for genuine peace with justice for both communities in the Holy Land.

As for the ‘misinformation’ he mentions, the facts come from Jewish Voice for Peace, Rabbis for Human Rights, Israeli Committee Against House Demolition and other witnesses to the violence and abuses caused by the building of illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank – the demolition of Palestinian houses, animal shelters, roads, water cisterns etc.

There is no reason why the Israeli government should not build houses in Israel, but for the sake of both Israelis and Palestinians let us refuse to encourage settlement expansion on Palestinian territory.


Patricia Cockrell

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