Water Park decision is fait accompli

I recently received the latest copy of ‘intouch’ from Lewes Conservatives and was surprised to read about the proposed water park development, and I quote,

“The development company have bought sixteen hectares of land near the site of the old recycling yard on Lewes Road on which to develop this park and a 400 bed hotel.” Really? It has been sold already?

Why then have advertisements been placed in your publication and others by ESCC regarding the ‘Proposed Disposal of Open Space, the former Lewes Road Landfill Site, known as Riverside Park, situated to the east of Lewes Road,’ with representations in writing to be made by the 18th January ,2013?

Is this just a re-run of when the Tories decided to build the incinerator at North Quay, Newhaven – where it seemed the decision had already been made by ESCC before any public consultation began?

M C Young