Water Park is Newhaven’s potential saviour

A few months ago, when it was announced that land near the Lewes Road had been sold by Lewes District Council after what seemed to be a rather short consultation period, there was significant discontent voiced both here and elsewhere in the media. I hope that with the initial presentation of the plans for the water park and hotel complex expected to be built on this land this discontent has gone.

The water park, which we are told will be the largest indoor water park in the world, will with the accompanying 400-bed hotel, clearly bring a very significant number of jobs into Newhaven; both during construction of the complex and in its operation after completion. It is expected to become a major tourist attraction, which can only be good for the town by encouraging the development of existing retail outlets and the establishment of new ones.

Adequate parking and adequate access are, as with all projects of this scale, important to achieve at the outset of development. While the detailed plans will not be available until January, it is clear that enough parking to meet the anticipated demand will be provided. I am informed that the scheme also includes a bridge across the river north of North Quay, linking Lewes Road with the A26 - a link which is long overdue.

Newhaven has for some years been declining as resources have been channelled elsewhere. I welcome this plan as the potential saviour of our town.

Anthony Bradbury

Prospective County Council Candidate, Newhaven