Ways to improve 20mph scheme

Copy of a letter sent to Rupert Clubb the director of communities, economy and transport at East Sussex County Council about the signage for the 20 mph schemes in Lewes:

Lewes Living Streets is pleased to see that the county council has marked some of the entrances to the new 20 mph stretches with red tarmac.

But we think you need to go further to make things clearer for motorists to get more to observe the 20mph speed restrictions.

We think some motorists travelling into Lewes are confused about what roads are 20mph in the town.

We now have lots of 20 mph signs around the town but we question their effectiveness.

The recent expansion of the 20 mph in Lewes areas gives an opportunity to end the old confusing patchwork quilt of different speed restrictions.

We need a simpler and clearer system so that motorists look out for pedestrians rather than watching every speed restriction sign in case the limit has changed.

We would like to see changes to the 20mph signage to mark clear start and finish points for 20mph in the town.

There are five roads into Lewes and we think each of these needs a banner on a lamppost saying “Lewes 20 mph starts here” with reminders on the tarmac through the town.

We would like to see some small adjustments to the 20mph start points and to one of the speed limits leading up to the 20mph start.

We would also like to see red tarmac strips with white 20mph letters at each of these entry points.

The specific changes we propose are: 1. Phoenix Causeway: move the start point to the east side of the bridge to give room for a banner and keep the start sign out of the trees on the west side.

2. Offham Road: move the start point to just before (i.e. north west of) the junction with Prince Edwards Road and mark the start point with a much needed pedestrian crossing to the Landport and banners on lampposts

3. Nevill Road: add a banner as you approach the prison just north of De Montfort Road (now 20 mph) and include this small part of Nevill Road and Spital Road in the 20mph limit

4. Brighton Road: add a banner just as you approach the prison and make the whole of Western Road 20mph

5. Kingston Road: reduce the 40mph just before the 20mph to 30mph so that motorists start to slow down and put 20mph banners on the lamp posts just before the railway bridge.

We also wonder why Cockshut Road and Cluny Street seem to be excluded from the 20mph area?

Surely it would be simpler for everyone to understand if the Southover 20mph area was extended to include these.

Could you also confirm that in July of this year Station Road will at last become 20mph and join the 20 mph schemes on either side of it?

We are committed to making the 20mph schemes a reality and challenging the cynicism that these are just a series of signs without any change of motorists’ behaviour or reduction in speeds.

Our sister group Lewes Community Speed Watch group has been working with the Police to reduce the speed of traffic coming into Lewes.

We will also be surveying people in the town about what else should be done to encourage drivers to keep to the 20 mph limit and hope that we can work together with yourselves and Sussex Police to implement both the above changes and ideas that are generated by our survey.


Chairman of Lewes Living Streets

Cleve Terrace.