We can and should do something about climate change

No, Cllr Charlton, the climate is changing, due to global warming. It didn’t stop 15 years ago – the 10 warmest years ever have happened since 1998, and 2014 was the warmest ever, which Cllr Charlton actually denies! He then quotes a website as a source of information.

No Cllr, my sources are the Met Office stats, NASA stats, or primary sources such as scientific journals.

If UKIP buries its head in the sand, and relies on second hand commentaries rather than scientific papers, then they do not deserve any part in determining our collective future.

So let us be clear. All the evidence is that 2 degrees of warming will have severe effects in Sussex, and we are heading well beyond that. We can and should do something about it, not stand about like Victor Meldrew, crying “I don’t believe it!”

Let’s sort out who’s deceiving whom. Cllr Charlton must believe that every meteorologist in the world is part of a conspiracy. Their data drives research which shows past climate is no longer useful in predicting future climate. The climate has already changed. Every major UK broadcasting channel has produced a documentary on global warming, so they must be part of the conspiracy too.

Then there’s the evidence provided by the EA re the Somerset flooding, noting the secondary effect that dredging had on the floods. Are EA now part of his conspiracy? What about the unprecedented changes in wildlife migration, and plants blooming early – look out your window, councillor! Are naturalists and gardeners in on this conspiracy too?

Now UKIP demand a Newhaven hydraulics energy industry, without lifting a finger to make it happen. Compare that with years of support by many people, including Norman Baker and myself, leading to the Rampion field being approved. Rampion expect up to 300 green jobs in Newhaven. Rampion will generate electricity for 290,000 homes and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 600,000 tonnes a year. It took a lot of work, but is well worth having.

Cllr Peter Gardiner

Ouse Valley and Ringmer