We don’t want another ‘business park’

Every group in Hastings concerned with the impact of roads and traffic in the borough will surely echo the views expressed by your correspondent Andrea Needham that, while the town desperately needs a solution to the appalling traffic hold-ups at both ends of tiny Junction Road, where The Ridge links to the A21, it does not need or want yet another ‘business park’.

The lobbying for a sensible new route in Hastings between the A259 and the A21 has been going on for years. Meanwhile traffic along The Ridge has increased beyond all official expectation (as local groups said it would) and now the Link Road is set to worsen matters further.

So yes, the ‘Baldslow Link Road’ please, but we just want a road; why does it have to come with a business park attached?

Hastings already has the huge Ponswood Estate (derelict and under-occupied; Ivyhouse Lane (prettier but also underused) and the newest ‘Exchange’ on Queensway (almost empty). And that’s without considering the ‘business areas’ about to be created alongside the Hastings-Bexhill Link Road.

Therefore let us just have the planned road with its three roundabouts, surrounded by the existing greenfield area, hopefully enhanced to encourage local wild animals, insects and plants.

As this road will be funded by us taxpayers, we all need to object loudly and stubbornly to this attempt by our council to obliterate another of our ever-diminishing stock of green spaces with yet more acres of concrete supporting yet more huge empty sheds waiting vainly for ‘businesses’ to occupy them.

If such a miracle is ever to occur it will only happen when the A21 is upgraded to the standard of the A23/M23, then Hastings may boom, like Brighton.

Time to object to this ‘Baldslow Business Park’ is short: the planning application was published last week.

Erica Barrett


Pilot Field Area Residents’ Association