We first need to sort out Newhaven town centre traffic

Well said Norman Baker!

Yet again, Norman tries to pass off some short-sighted tinkering as a big idea rather than the self-serving publicity it actually is.

Transport IS the key to Newhaven’s future. But currently, locals suffer frustrating, time-wasting and unnecessary log-jams every single working day from 4-6pm (3pm Fri).

Obviously, Norman has never been here at this time.

Suggesting turning North Way into a two-way system is sheer lunacy – further constricting traffic which needs to be more, not less, freely flowing. Not to mention how, for instance, west-bound coastal or north-bound Meeching traffic would access the C7?

What we need is something that takes traffic away from the centre of town – some sort of by-pass.

Clearly, there would be objections to this … some from the owners of big houses with country views on the edge of town … but, mainly, that there’s no money to fund it.

Well, the county council managed to find money for the incinerator when the residents of Brighton and East Sussex needed somewhere to dump their rubbish … but what’s been our dividend for that?

Lewes District Council expects us to take in excess of 1,500 new homes without any plans to improve services (GPs, schools, etc) or alleviate any resulting extra traffic.

So, if LDC and ESCC want things from Newhaven and its residents, it’s about time they started to give something back!

Once our traffic problems are sorted, we can then start to develop a less congested town centre.

This might include free parking; open spaces where people can congregate; encouraging the cultural and social life of the town (artists and artisan studios, workshops and outlets; multi-media and live performance facilities and spaces); building something of architectural or sculptural merit that will draw people in; etc; etc .… God forbid, including a bit of grass, a single tree or a covered seating area might be a start!

The tories at ESCC and LDC want to run down large swathes of our town then flog them off cheap to their mates and sponsors…gready little developers. Their bosom buddies, the Lib Dems, as ever, want a town full of estate agents, small family-run businesses and coffee shops where the vast hoards of new local college lecturers and local off-shore wind farm engineers can sit down and converse about the latest productions at Glyndebourne. Maybe, if we had some labour councillors, things would be different?

But hey no, Norman ‘half-baked’ Baker, you are right - what we actually need is a damn big office block!

You’ll be getting my vote next May, Norman, not.