We have waited long enough for investment in Newhaven

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Ms Caulfield, in last week’s Sussex Express, under the heading “Exciting Plans at last for Newhaven” has the audacity to say “It is a very exciting time for Newhaven which sees, at last, realistic investment after many years of broken promises and failed attempts”.

You say “at last”, well I ask again, and reiterate what Councillor Diane Hall had the guts to say in print two weeks ago, “What about the £900,000 (yes, nine hundred thousandpounds) section 106 money which Veolia gave East Sussex County Council five years ago for the benefit of Newhaven residents having to live with the incinerator.

After the publication of Cllr Hall’s letter, neither ESCC or Ms Caulfield has responded publicly with proof that any of the £900,000 has been used for the benefit of residents of Newhaven.

It is about time that ESCC comes clean and provides proof that: (a) all of the money will be used for the purposes for which it was meant, and how; or (b) that it is still sitting in the coffers of East Sussex County Council gaining interest; or (c) it has been diverted into alternative useage other than for the benefit of Newhaven residents.

So I ask again, just where is it or have ESCC “gorn an’ lorst it”?

Just imagine £900,000 invested at only half a percent interest for five years. I calculate that to be some £22,500.

I suggest therefore that Ms Caulfield collates some correct facts in future before going public with spurious comments about information she is obviously unaware of.

R Beckett