We need bobbies on the street to enforce highway code

In my letter last week I suggested that, on the subject of cyclists, misdemeanours more than the requested 400 words would not be enough but on reflection I believe that isn’t the case.

I suspect that the proportion of “misbehaviours” among drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians is probably in the same order and, to add to that, no matter how responsible we try to be, we all make mistakes and I for one am included. Not long ago I was driving along the Offham Road and a police trap had caught a driver and in righteous anger I said to my wife “serve the blighter right”. When I got home, there was a letter informing me that I had been driving at 40mph in a 30mph zone on the Preston Road in Brighton and as a result I paid £85 and attended a correction course.

So we have the problem of enforcement of the highway code with rouge cyclists as with drivers. We need “bobbies on the street”.

There are two suggestions that would help, 1 Lewes

1 The Lewes DC should erect signs one at each end of the precinct to the effect that it’s a no cycling zone. Cyclists are presumably able-bodied so a short walk shouldn’t be a problem.

2. If cyclists feel threatened by motor traffic, use the pavement but dismount and walk.

Brian Beck