We need far greater transparency on Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Great to see Julia Cardose and Hassan Hadad’s letters on TTIP (Sussex Express, 22 August).

Given the dangers it poses to national governments and the whole concept of democracy, the only surprise is that the Tory press, backbenchers and UKIP members, so loud in their condemnation of the EU’s curtailing of national government decisions, have remained so silent.

As I read it in articles and letters in my daily paper (its effect on countries in the Treaty already clear), it poses a far greater danger to our Parliament than the EU. It is deeply ironic that David Cameron, George Osborne et al, keen to sound tough on Europe, are not shouting from the rafters about the pernicious effects of TTIP on national decision making.

Global corporations and industries already have far too great an influence on Governments in my view: any Treaty which enables an even greater influence is a travesty. We certainly need far less secrecy and full information about the negotiations and TTIP’s challenge to ‘democracy’.

Jan Mortimer