We need real jobs in Newhaven

Cllr Saunders once again is muddying his reply to suit his answer.

Some businesses approach me with complaints and I will try and help them.

Some local businesses would like to send some of their waste to Veolia but the cost is too high. Hence the question. Simple really. As a UKIPPER, I will support and vote with any Party that brings to the table, sensible proposals that will help the people of East Sussex.

I have voted with Lib-Dems and against them. I have voted with Labour and against them. I do wonder though, what is the point of the three tired Parties.

Labour complain about the cuts. The cuts that they instigated when they decimated our country’s finances for generations to come. They even left a note in the Treasury to say that there is NO money left. Thank you Labour.

Then there are the Tories and the Lib-Dems saying that there will be savage cuts.

While we are giving foreign aid to the likes of Russia, China, India, all have space programmes, while our foreign and home office are spending 100 of millions of pounds on corporate entertainment, it is the elderly and our children who suffer most.

The positive change that I have made, is to all the elderly people who have contacted me and I have helped and are in the process of helping, making sure that children’s services are doing the right thing for our most vulnerable children in society.

Voting against cuts in CAMMS and voting against any more cuts. For the reasons above, in December, I was contacted by a father of a child who alleged that there was a paedophile ring that killed his child. After three worrying, fretful investigating months,talking to the Coroner and other authoritive bodies and with the information I have, we have all come to the conclusion that there are no grounds until further evidence is produced. You are right. I have not done much really. I am glad that there is a new Science and Technical College to be opened in Newhaven.

Cllr Saunders should enrol. What extreme weather are we having in this country? The climate changes all the time due to measures beyond our control. Solar flares for example.

I will repeat once again. The statistics and figures from the weather stations have been altered and changed to suit the needs of those people who have their own agendas. The Earth stopped warming over 15 years ago. The ice caps are the thickest they have been for years. I do agree that we need to stop cutting down forests and polluting the seas. UKIP also agrees that we need cleaner energy. It is a shame that instead of this useless and expensive wind farm, that will go onto our energy bills, you did not have the foresight in encouraging real green businesses to Newhaven that will produce real jobs for the people of Newhaven – hydro electric, wave power and especially CHP.

Cllr Peter Charlton


Thank you