We need someone with experience

Due to continuing cutbacks of public services in this country, local government now faces some of the most difficult years in its history, and Lewes is no exception.

My own years on Lewes Town and District Councils have illustrated clearly to me the value of having experienced knowledgeable, and competent, people close at hand to run the necessary public services against a background of hostile central Government attitudes toward local councils.

In a situation like this, it is essential to have not only councillors of such abilities but also in particular a local MP with wide-ranging experience and a commitment second to none to the local community. I refer of course to our own MP Norman Baker, a man dedicated heart and soul to the interests and well-being of the Lewes community, as has been clearly evident from his active role in dealing with Lewes flooding protection and relief, plus promotion of improved rail and bus services, to mention but a few, up to the present day.

In contrast with this is the flow of letters appearing regularly in your pages from one particular quarter, seeking to denigrate Norman in every possible way.

I note, however, that other correspondents have seen the need to rebut those comments, which serve in their negative way to promote a competing political purpose, couched in terms such as “caring and compassionate”.

To this I would say that now is not the time to exchange proven understanding and dedication for enticing images of salvation for Lewes arriving on May 7th. I believe the traditional term is “dropping the pilot” and is never a good idea.

Michael Parfect