We need to sort out ownership of Seaford beach

I refer to Bob Brown’s letter referring to the three photos I took related to the damage at Splash Point Seaford and his criticism that there was no accompanying letter.

I thought a picture spoke a thousand words without the need for further commentary. I also put them on the Environment Agency website asking the question about responsibility and to my surprise they responded very quickly saying they would refer them to Lewes District Council. As Bob Brown now states that there is a dispute related to ownership with the Crown Estates Commissioners.

As in many other similar circumstances, surely there must be a procedure where you can apply to the courts for such an ownership determination. If they cannot agree to jointly fund such an application. Then our district councillors should request that Lewes District Council makes such a application to the appropriate court and seek to recover cost. Alternately if appropriate they could seek legal arbitration agreeing to be bound by the arbitrator’s decision. This needs to be done now before the situation becomes serious. If this is not legally possible, then Norman Baker MP should seek to get the law changed because such procrastination in the future could cause loss of life here or elsewhere in the country.

John A Bailey