We need to take a lesson from past flooding

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For years meteorologists and engineers had warned of the world’s disasters and big storm floods.

We are now facing more climate changes which most of us have feared over the years. We know from the storms of 1987 which was a catastrophe, with 100 mile an hour winds shortly after midnight, the eye of the storm smashed in to southern England leaving disaster in its path.

With continued wet weather like we are having now the ground being so wet it cannot hold the trees upright.

The south coast winds rose to category two Atlantic hurricane winds. The sting jet is thought to be responsible for the stormy weather we are having now.

The last big storm we had in 1987 was very rare, occurring only every 200 years.

Scientists predict global warming will bring more powerful storms that possibility of our weather is the jet stream from another country which intensified the storm while it was steering its way to England.

Weather experts cannot predict nature. It is when the atmosphere seems to go berserk. A study in 2005 estimated that 500,000 people worldwide suffered with poor air pollution.

Coastal erosion is now another problem along our shores.

The Devils Chimney collapsed at Beachy Head. Unusually warm air from the sea are some of the features of these high winds. We should have learned from the floods of 1974 and 1960.

Our roads now are in a very poor state. We must invest more thickness of materials on our roads to prevent future disasters.

We will never be able to stop nature, only to conquer more sea defences to protect the future years.

Mrs D Myles

South Heighton