We’re heading for a police state

POLICE and crime commissioners (election 15 November) will be politically elected officials. They will swear an oath which, though promising to “serve the people” and be “held to account by the public”, leaves out allegiance to the Queen and her subjects unlike the police. The police are servants of Her Majesty and thus the people, not Parliament.

As chief constables appear evermore political themselves, isn’t the real purpose of this new officialdom not just to replace the police authorities with as many new members but to ensure political line-towing such that police control falls firmly in the hands of the Prime Minister?

We are increasingly to serve the State which is governed by an “elite” believing themselves above the law. The State is the law and it heavily influences the papers and TV media. Our children are State brainwashed by State syllabus and the State spies on us with “security” cameras and telecom surveillance.

Isn’t political control of the police another step in our mushrooming police state?

Rex Poulton, Salisbury