We should adopt York’s example in stamping out poverty

An article which appeared in The Guardian on July 16 pointing out that as a result largely of research carried out by York Press, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the city council, local businesses, charities and faith groups, these groups have come together to set up their own poverty free campaign.

The main aims of this are to pay a living wage, encourage the provision of jobs with a measure of stability and security, promote credit unions, take up of free school meals and other initiatives.

While Lewes cannot be directly compared with York in terms of size, industrial companies etc, the causes of poverty are the same - ie low wages, zero hours contracts, insufficient income to live on when two members of a family are working, high rents and property prices.

Add to this the Benefits sanctions now in operation, one of the measures. among others. that this Government has taken to dismantle and shrink so many aspects of care and support for ordinary people in need.

Could not the Sussex Express take the initiative to bring together town and district councils, businesses, faith groups and charities to stamp out poverty in similar ways as York?

Pat Charlton