We want published list of Lewes District’s ‘secret’ properties

The oft quoted but still “secret” list of 49 properties Lewes District Council has prepared for disposal to a housing developer remains “secret”.

At a recent LDC meeting it was stated that the council was too far down the path for properties to be taken off the list.

Yet the public does not know what or where these properties are.

In the “Rotten Boroughs” section of the current Private Eye (No1387) a senior council official and the developer are publicly derided – yet the residents of Lewes District know nothing of the scheme or the developer.

In the interests of transparency, it is surely time that the list was published, and, in view of the allegations made against an officer and the developer, re-scrutinised by the full District Council.

Stephen Catlin

Independent town councillor for Lewes Priory ward