We Wunt Be Druv

I would like UK to remain in the EU through consent of the people, yet I am aware that the European Union is not a perfect organisation with a number of areas that need reform and has some remarkable achievements that have been made through consensus not through war.

Any attempt to re-create similar benefits to membership whilst outside is impossible without cumbersome replication of existing structures within the EU. UK trade failures world wide are UK problems as France, Germany and Italy are successful exporters to the rest of the world.

The Single Market is of benefit to businesses -consistent regulation, employees - some but not all rights are universal and consumers - quality controls.

The customs union is a convenience that together with the Single Market removes impediments to trade. The EU is an organisation that fully supports the rule of law and therefore has a court system to identify breaches in law but the individual states are responsible for enforcement of the law.

We Wunt Be Druv

Alun Tlusty-Sheen

Marine Crescent, Seaford