Well done to faultless 111 team

Last Sunday (August 11 ) I awoke violently ill from what was subsequently diagnosed as acute labyrinthitis.

While extremely unpleasant, it was clearly not life threatening. My wife phoned 111, spoke to a very helpful operator who promised that a doctor would ring back shortly.

That happened as promised; the doctor asked if I could be taken to Crowborough Hospital. As I couldn’t even sit up (labyrinthitis disturbs the brain “gyroscope” ) and was vomiting, my wife was told that a doctor would visit.

Again, that happened, at 1400 hrs. I was sympathetically and competently treated and the symptoms diminished to just tolerable in 24 hours.

The 111 service gets a lot of stick, but I would like to say that in my case it worked immaculately.

Stephen Alexander