What did mutilated deer do to you?

WILL the person/people who slaughtered the young deer and mutilated its body, leaving its legs etc in the layby on The Drove in Offham last week, please be good enough to justify their barbaric actions to me through these pages.

Primarily, I would be interested to read why you feel you have the right to take the life of this creature that neither belonged to you nor caused you harm.

Secondly, why did you leave the hacked off legs and other body parts of this unfortunate animal lying about the countryside – an undignified practice that for me is representative of the unevolved behaviour of those human beings that inexplicably feel they have the right to kill or exploit any animal for their personal sport or profit.

The deer treads lightly upon the earth and offers many, like myself, who are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it, feelings of intense pleasure and privilege. Please stop killing them.

Mary Jackson,