What do we do about problem of young mothers?

I’m writing in response to P Collins (letters, February 6) “Government has seen sense at last” regarding young girls having babies and being given council and social housing paid for by hard working taxpayers.

While I agree that this situation is a drain on society, I wonder what P Collins proposes we do about it? Maybe forced terminations would be one solution or better still force these girls to live on the streets and raise their babies along side drug users and alcoholics which would cost nothing at all!

I would rather these girls and their babies be provided with a safe place to live and then worry about the cost.

I find it interesting that not once does P Collins mention the fathers of these babies, instead attacking the parents of these girls who she believes should be responsible for teaching their daughters about contraception.

My personal anger is towards those of all ages who live in council and social housing properties who claim housing benefit, council tax and as many other benefits as they possibly can, and who work illegally on the side! I wonder how much tax these people have contributed. P Collins maybe you should take a long hard look at yourself instead of being a hypocrite and criticising others.

M Fellows