What happened to the big clean-up?

I would like to say well done as always to the Hastings Lions Club for organising the Hastings Half Marathon.

But would also like to say how disappointed I am with Hastings Borough Council. This is the biggest event that we have at this end of town. We look forward to lots of folk visiting this area, we are naturally proud of St Leonards, and would like more Hastionians to see what a lovely unspoilt end of town we have.

But what happened to the big clean-up? Normally we have road sweepers, and the area looks its best for the TV cameras and all the outside visitors that come to take part. But unless I blinked and missed it, it didn’t happen.

I opened my pub The Marina Fountain as normal at 9am for the use of the runners to change and use the toilet. I always keep outside my ‘bit’ clean as possible but draw the line at sweeping the whole area. I picked up rubbish and swept as best I could. But it’s not my job, is it?

However because I want visitors to see this area at its best I do my bit. Shame the council doesn’t feel the same.

I couldn’t believe that the dumped mattresses and sofas were left on the pavements on Bexhill Road, right near the start. What a terrible view of the area visitors had. I do understand that it’s an eternal problem, but for one event they could have pulled out all the stops, surely? I bet the Old Town gets cleaned up for events?

It just goes to show that as far as Hastings Borough Council is concerned we don’t exist. If it’s not in the Old Town then it’s not interested. Every event that’s planned is in the Old Town. We have a lovely space going to waste. The gardens and the old bathing pool site, plus a free car park (so far) all begging for someone with vision to hold more events here.

We have had a lot of time-wasters with big plans that never come to fruition, so come on someone, do it.

Stephanie Beale


The Marina Fountain

Caves Road

St Leonards