What is UKIP’s view of Newhaven’s future?

I read the letter by Cllr Charlton with some sense of amusement.

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Ask anyone (bar Conservatives) in Newhaven which political party was responsible for forcing through the incinerator against the will of the people and they will tell you.

You could ask FoE or even better, former members of the Defender of the Ouse Valley and Estuary if you wanted chapter and verse. Or check back with your friendly local newspaper and get the press cuttings which show who voted what and when.

For the avoidence of doubt, there was a Lib-Lab coalition in power when the Waste Local Plan draft was approved. It was approved with incineration included because the Labour faction at county hall voted with the Conservatives to make sure it was approved. When the Conservatives took power shortly afterwards, they did not want to listen to alternatives.

They dismissed waste companies whose tenders did not include incineration.

They rejected the evidence from other parts of the world that if you embraced the idea of recycling wholeheartedly you could reduce the combustible products so much that an incinerator would be rendered redundant.

They ignored a public enquiry inspectors report which said “...it should be possible to bring forward a waste local plan which did not include incineration”.

They ignored 16,000+ letters of objection to the planning application. If Cllr Charlton seriously thinks this is the way to win over voters in Newhaven he may well be barking up the wrong tree.

Given his position on wind turbines he is unlikely to be supporting this business which might be coming to his ward in the next few years and the employment opportuntities for local people that will come with it.

Given his party’s position on all things “Euro” one can’t help wondering how supportive he is going to be of Newhaven’s port and its ferry service.

In short, where does he see Newhaven going and how will he help with its future?

Cllr Rod Main

Newhaven, Denton and