What kind of democracy is this?

I attended the full East Sussex County Council meeting last Tuesday, 12 February, and it was disappointing to note that my Councillor Ruth O’Keeffe didn’t vote against the cuts as proposed by the majority Tory Party on the bizarre grounds that ‘I felt that there were flaws in both the amendments, and did not agree with the proposals to cut services either’.

‘Seeing that voting was proceeding entirely along party lines my personal protest, given that numerically everything was a foregone conclusion, was to abstain.’

In my book, if you don’t vote against something which you disagree with and use a spurious argument that the vote was splitting along party lines, to abstain begs the question as to what is the point of you being an independent councillor.

Given that the county elections are being held in May, perhaps Ms O’Keeffe’s constituents might want to bear in mind her lack of opposition to the draconian cuts proposed by the Tories and cast their vote for a real alternative to the established parties.

Tony Rowell