What must visitors think?

I HAVE just read the letter about the rubbish at Lewes bus station and I wholeheartedly agree with what was written, it’s a disgrace.

I often wonder what the visitors must think when they alight from their holiday coaches. The rubbish bin is always full, piles of rubbish against the wall, bits of food and plenty of ‘dog ends’.

Do our councillors ever use a bus and see this I wonder? Could the council not clean it up and bill the owners? And yes the Canon O’Donnell building. Please do something about it, it’s an eyesore.

That’s my moan done, except I’m dissappointed with the so called Cliffe pedestrian precinct. Sometimes there isn’t a lot of room for pedestrians, bikes ride on the pavement and cars just creep up on you both ways from behind, making a short cut. Again what must our visitors think of it all. We’ve a nice little town, so please whoever it concerns!

Joan Newth, Lewes