What’s a few weeks of disruption over Lewes railway bridge?

What a lot of moaning minnies you are at the Sussex Express!

Your front page story last week about the upcoming repair of the Lewes Station Road railway bridge started and almost ended with the work’s effect on the traffic.

Step back a moment. Lewes is to get a very old bridge repaired to make it safer and stronger – and who knows, it might even be a more attractive piece of civil infrastructure once it’s painted.

But your headline and story focuses in on a few months of traffic disruption – and only right at the end of your page three story do you get around to mentioning that diversionary routes are planned, so it’s not as if traffic won’t be able to get through at all.

And the work should come as no surprise: in 2010, you carried a story which included this quote from a local councillor: “in 2014, through the East Sussex County Council and Network Rail capital programmes, we will start work on strengthening the bridge.” And the first sentence of your story from 2010? “The railway bridge near Lewes Station will be repaired – but not for another four years.”

What’s a few weeks’ disruption compared to the 100 years-plus that the bridge has been standing?

Manek Dubash