What’s wrong with allowing cyclists along Seaford Promenade?

Why shouldn’t cycling be allowed along Seaford Promenade? It seems to be the only promenade in this region on which you can’t cycle.

Mr E W Hill, in his letter (October 18), says that he’s always been against cycling on the Prom. But why? I often stroll along the promenade and it’s true that some cyclists ignore the ‘No Cycling’ signs but I’ve never witnessed an accident or even a near miss. In fact. it’s a joy to see young children cycling along the prom knowing that they’re doing so in complete safety.

Would Mr Hill prefer cyclists, including children, to risk their lives by cycling along the Esplanade and Marine Parade? That’s a dangerous road for cyclists, especially the Esplanade.

It’s a road I regularly cycle along but on several occasions have nearly been knocked off my bike by drivers opening a door of their parked car without looking to see what’s coming from behind them.

It’s not much better along Marine Parade where parked cars sometimes reverse out in front of cyclists. What a relief it is to reach the cycle path starting at the lay-by opposite Edinburgh Road.

I can then cycle in complete safety all the way to Newhaven.

During the summer, I cycled from Seaford to Littlehampton along a coastal route called the National Cycle Route 2. You may have seen the little blue signs cycle route signs along the seafront in Seaford. I legally cycled along all the promenades at Saltdean, Rottingdean, Lancing and Worthing. At other places there were cycle lanes and cycle paths such as on the crowded seafront through Brighton & Hove. Often the promenades were quite crowded with pedestrians and other cyclists as well as children on scooters, roller skates and bicycles but there was never a problem.

Occasionally I had to ring my bell to let pedestrians know I was behind them but everyone responded in a friendly way; not one person objected to me riding a bike.

It is so much safer, not only for pedestrians but also for cyclists to have a bell on a bike. I certainly agree with A A Cooper when he says in his letter (October 18) that all bikers should make it a priority to install a bell on their bikes. It’s a ‘no brainer’ to fit a bell; they’re cheap and easy to fit. It used to be a legal requirement for all new bikes to be fitted with a bell when sold but this law was scrapped a couple of years ago. How stupid was that!

So, hopefully the trial along Seaford promenade goes well next year and it won’t be too long before those ‘No Cycling’ signs are permanently removed and we can all cycle along Seaford seafront in complete safety.

Clive Aberdour