What UKIP really wants from the NHS

I comment on the two letters attacking Cllr Latham. There is no doubt, of course, that unrestricted immigration puts severe strains on the NHS, the education system, and welfare costs.

Nearly everyone knows that controlled immigration is a good thing but that uncontrolled immigration is ruinous. This is also UKIP’s stance.

UKIP also believes that the NHS should continue to provide free healthcare at the point of delivery. Cllr Latham’s “alleged” distressing experiences, which he detailed, should not be so lightly dismissed by Mr Sims. Most citizens will agree that such performance by the NHS is not good enough and that the complaint made is fully justified. Mr Sims seems to believe that ambulances should only be provided in life threatening cases. Well that is not UKIP’s policy, as ambulances should be provided whenever necessary to relieve suffering and limit damage to the patient.

I am pleased to read that Mr Sims’ grandchild received excellent treatment from the staff who treated her. Sadly, since the recent downgrading of the paediatric facility at Eastbourne DGH, not all patients in East Sussex will be so well cared for.

Dr Walker sings the praises of our “wonderful” health service and repeats the canard that UKIP wants to privatise it. Not true. UKIP wants to improve the NHS by reducing the number of overpaid and useless managers and increase the numbers of doctors and nurses so as to prevent situations such as that which happened at Stafford causing such appalling loss of life. UKIP also opposes PFIs as championed by the last Labour government and agrees with Dr Walker that they have been ruinous.

Finally may I remind Mr Sims that the last Labour government nearly ruined this country and may I copy his sentiment in saying “Lord help the rest of us if Sims and his ilk get to have positions of power again”.

Cllr Frank Carstairs

Seaford Sutton