Where were the developers at Ridgewood Farm exhibition in Uckfield?

On Saturday, January 17, I viewed the very basic exhibition of the proposed 1,000 houses to be built on Ridgewood Farm held in the entrance to Uckfield civic centre, with no representatives of the developers there to explain their intentions.

Maybe they were worried about the negative reactions they might receive as they did at their last exhibition in February last year. After the chaos on the by-pass due to the paving being laid in the town centre, it will give people some idea how the by-pass will have to cope with up to an extra 1,500 or more vehicles using the by-pass.

The developers are hoping to increase the number of 4/5 bedroom houses to be built to about 260 with less 2/3 bedroom houses, which our younger population need to get on the property ladder.

Most likely Londoners will come and purchase the larger houses and commute back to London to work on our all ready over crowded train service and roads.

With three access roads proposed on the Lewes road to the site that will cause more traffic problems.

No mention has been made about the infrastructure with our doctors’ surgeries at bursting point, the police station could be down sizing, the main post office has moved into WH Smiths with fewer counters, town centre car parking could be in chaos with the possible withdrawing of high street parking, not to mention we need bigger supermarkets.

At the moment, both town football pitches at Victoria and New Barn are water logged with no football being played on them over the past few months, the development site suffers with the same problem water does not soak away it just lays then runs down to the by-pass,houses built on this site could end up with water logged gardens over the winter period. The proposed balancing ponds to be built to stop flooding on the site will need emptying,where will all this water go, into the Uck?The next few months are going to be very interesting for the people of Uckfield.

Mel Sanders