Where will the Newhaven signs go next?

I noticed recently that the sign ‘Welcome to Newhaven’ on the A259 on the approach from Seaford has recently been moved from its original position by the Denton Corner roundabout, to a new position further out towards Seaford.

I presume this is because the postcode for Stud Farm is BN9, a Newhaven postcode, and therefore the welcome sign is now at the boundary of Newhaven.

If this is the case, then I am wondering when the sign on the A259 on the approach from Peacehaven will be moved to incorporate Peacehaven Golf Course and Cresta Road?

I believe both of these have BN9 postcodes and the first addresses with a BN10, Peacehaven, postcode are in Blakeney Avenue and Links Avenue.

G Ashbrook,