Whole North Street quarter is on a flood plain

A few weeks ago, I read a briefing about the declining proportion of affordable housing proposed for the North Street quarter.

Under other circumstances the content invites immediate contempt but something appears before that – the flood nature of the area.

I have just been running my finger through a small photo book by Andy Thomas called The Lewes Flood (printed 2001).

Pictures within the book make their own argument – namely on P9 (ii), P34, P37(i). All feature this housing area.

After this winter’s deluge, the Environment Agency said that there should be no building on a flood plain. The North Street Quarter is one.

A couple of days ago, there was a plea from the artist community in that area.

In among a lot of useful argument the following was stated: “... the plan (is) to build a flood wall and raise the ground level by a meter (with tens of thousands of tons of concrete) thereby displacing millions of gallons of water which will have to go elsewhere.”

A future environmental catastrophe is being prepared right now. This is what should be opposed.

Once the 400 homes are lifted to a higher area, the battle for affordable homes should commence.

Colin Frost-Herbert