Why do we have councils?

Several cities, and some counties, now have the status of Unilateral Authority, meaning there is a reduced amount of Government administration.

This now begs the question; what is the point of Lewes District Council? If other counties, Cornwall for example, can manage perfectly well without district councils, why do we still have them at all?

Surely there is great opportunity to save hundreds of thousands of pounds by copying the Cornwall model. All possible services which could be devolved down to local town or parish councils should be, leading to real local decision making, and anything else such as the collection of council tax would be taken on at county level, so there really is no real need any longer for councils such as Lewes District, Rother, Mid-Sussex, Wealden, etc.

Further savings could be made by abolishing East and West Sussex Councils to reinstate one County Council; Sussex – by the sea!

R Ashbrook, Newhaven