Why does Sussex County double up on functionaries?

Is there any reason why there is a High Sheriff for East Sussex and also one for West Sussex, when both Kent and Hampshire have only one each?

Is this another expense the hard-pressed council tax payers of Sussex have to put up with because of the artificial bisection of our county?

The same can be said of having two Lord Lieutenants instead of one for the whole of Sussex.

The combined populations of East and West Sussex are virtually the same as that of Hampshire and also of Kent, the geographical area is also very similar to both. Yet we have to have two of everything, meaning twice the cost of civic functionaries!

The County of Devon has a much larger area and a similar sized population to that of the whole of Sussex and manages perfectly well with just one council one High Sheriff etc.

Does anyone have any rational reason, other than historical, why Sussex should remain as two counties?

M C Young