Why don’r we debate the big election issues?

Well done the Sussex Express setting out clearly in last week’s edition – 24 April – the tally of election topics that are important to us locally.

But when it’s the big ticket/big picture issues that will have in the end have the greatest impact, this shows up the gap between what we shall vote for and what our politicians should have harangued us about.

Like the recent sharp decline in the UK’s clout internationally, our crazed hostility towards our European neighbours, the horrors of the turmoil in the Middle East, Russian aggression, the impacts of climate change, and at home our dysfunctional constitutional arrangements, the widening divide between rich and poor, the unfairness of unjustified austerity, the wretched state of the NHS and social care, state education, the decline of our defence capacity, low pay, food banks, housing …

Why have we not debated these issues, all real enough? And what are the policies to deal with them over the next five years?

In the absence of the debates we should have had, it’s back to home truths in our two-horse constituency.

So, well done too, our current MP for his frank letter of 24 April.

Support another five years of the failing or ill-judged policies of the present administration – or root for the track record of an effective and realistic MP? It’s a no-brainer – but we’ll be looking to you Norman to do something about the big picture issues!

Michael Rider