Why have telephone lines been down so long in Fairwarp?

Many of the telephone land lines in the village of Fairwarp have not been working since mid December and I know that we are not the only village that has this problem.

The consequences of this can be read in the copy of my letter (below) to my MP.

I have subsequently heard that the govemment has given Openreach millions of pounds to install fibre optic broadband throughout East Sussex.

This should have been up and running by November.

Are engineers who should be repairing telephone lines being diverted to this installation because of penalty fines if the fibre optic installation is not completed within a time scale.

Extracts of letter sent to Charles Hendry MP

The consequences of this problem are as follows:

1. Our vicar’s phone is one of those affected; a parishioner was killed in a road traffic accident and someone had to go to the vicar’s house to inform him that the family needed help.

2. Our elderly next door neighbour’s husband is in a nursing home and is very poorly at the moment. The nursing home has no means of contacting her in an emergency.

3. My husband who is 87 became very poorly just after Christmas. I contacted the 111 service on our very poor mobile signal and a doctor was trying to ring us back. Eventually we had to just go to our local hospital.

4. Our brother-in-law died just after Christmas and the family could not phone to let us know.

5. A frail elderly lady along our lane needs the reassurance of a “life line”; this only works if the telephone line is connected.

Fortunately, so far the weather has not been bad, but if we get snow and are unable to get out of the village the situation could become dire.

All of this is going on in a village only 40 miles from Westminster, anyone would think it was the wilds of Scotland. Perhaps independence would help us.

Any help to get this matter resolved would be appreciated.

Mrs Brenda Davies