Why I left the Conservative Party

Dear Residents of Polegate,

On the 1st May, I resigned from the Conservative Party. My resignation is no reflection on the hard work and support of the local Conservative association who have been wonderful. There were two reasons for my resignation. The first is the difficultly I have had reconciling my personal views regarding immigration and integration, the European Union referendum, defence, planning and spending in general with what the government is proposing.

The second reason is the appalling manner with which we, a Free School community group that I was involved in, were treated by ministers regarding the school we were creating for the community.

I now have first-hand experience of what it is like to try to stand up for the community and do the right thing – in the face of the wishes of the Conservative Party and government bureaucracy. There is almost no depth to which they will not stoop to sweep aside those who stand in their way.

In our case it was the free school – we tried to get maximum benefit for local people and businesses. We ran up against vested interests and the Conservative Party threw us out, galling as we had put in 2 years of time and effort to make something wonderful for our children.

The Conservative Party orbits big money with no regard for local people; they are firmly on the side of big business. The Big Society is just a shallow idea to justify transferring public services to unpaid volunteers and big business.

I will be joining a political party where the right to express yourself is not frowned on and you are free to stand up for what you believe, and where others are free to disagree with you too. I will be joining UKIP. This is not due to their success at the local elections. I resigned from the Conservatives before the election.

I join them because of their policies and that I need to believe that there is a party that is prepared to speak the truth, stand up for the United Kingdom and keep their word.

The PRA and the Shings are rudderless as to their plans for Polegate, unable to resist proposed development, but not brave enough to suggest how to develop the town to benefit the residents.

They have no agenda other than to be re-elected. Polegate is withering due to poor investment from County and Wealden and crushed by housing development – none of which will benefit the young families from the town. No jobs, poor roads and no plan! From what I have seen only UKIP can affect change in Polegate – they have councillors, the will to make things better and are open to listen to you, the voting public.

I can be reached on edward.board@hotmail.co.uk

Edward Board