Why I supported the Rampion Off Shore Wind Farm

Last week in the Sussex Express I was asked to make my position clear on the planned Rampion Off Shore Wind Farm which will bring 750 local jobs and will bring particular benefit to Newhaven.

My position has always been clear. I supported this scheme and actually voted for it as a local councillor when it was first proposed a few years ago. I was therefore delighted when the Conservative led Government approved the scheme earlier this year. The wind farm off the Sussex coast could generate enough electricity to power 450,000 homes.

This investment goes hand in hand with the work Conservatives are doing locally to bring jobs, and investment in to Newhaven with plans in the pipeline including the new fire station, £8.9 million of flood defence money, the new University Technical College and the investment secured for the Newhaven Growth Quarter. This after 17 years of planned regeneration falling through time after time to a position where we have seen the last bank in the town close recently.

Be under no illusion of my commitment to support investment in Newhaven. For too long it has been the dumping ground of the County and while new housing is always welcome we have to create the infrastructure to support it which should include; jobs, local facilities such as schools and doctors and better road and rail networks.

The Rampion Wind farm will bring a much needed energy supply for the country but it will also be a huge boost to the local economy and that is why I voted for it in 2010 and why I still support it now.

Maria Caulfield

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Lewes Constituency