Why is Lewesc District being so slow about repairs to Splash Point?

My previous letter (April 3) regarding repairs at Splash Point asked Lewes District Council when they plan to re-open the viewing area and beach, now that the summer is upon us.

owever Cllr Nicholson’s reply last week, while full of warm words, gives no firm date or progress metrics and instead talks variously about legal action, safety and liaising with other bodies – oh dear!

He also mentions that a more low-key fence was tried but replaced because of repeated vandalism, but my recollection is that the existing industrial barrier went up a few days after the last storm in February and, as far as I know, has been the only one at the site.

Wealden District has managed to open Birling Gap and East Sussex County Council has re-opened the storm-damaged Hastings to Bexhill path in time for Easter, but Splash Point remained barred to visitors over the Bank Holiday weekend. So why is Lewes District so slow?

It’s worth noting that Lewes District’s Strategic Plan states “Seaford … will have made greater use of its coastal location through a regenerated seafront”. How can we take ambitious plans for a regenerated seafront seriously when the same council takes months to repair a few square metres of damaged concrete?

Ian Cairns