Why is Malling excluded from speed limit proposal?

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The scheme, part of a package of schemes called ‘Lewes Steps Forward’ in the residential areas of Lewes was recommended by officers.

It followed a petition for a 20mph limit in this residential area submitted by Cllr Rosalyn St Pierre the councillor for this part of Lewes.

A consultation exercise on proposals for implementing all the 20mph zones in the residential areas of Lewes received substantial support.

I can’t understand why the 20mph scheme is going ahead in five other residential areas in Lewes but not in Malling. The council asked for and received Government funding for this scheme under the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, did all the required planning and consultation and will now have to hand the cash back.

It really doesn’t make sense to leave this area out: Malling has the highest density of small children in the town.

The officers’ report states: “The proposed 20mph speed limits in the residential estates of Lewes, including Malling, were included in the council council’s successful bid for this LSTF funding.

They form part of a package of schemes called ‘Lewes Steps Forward’, aimed at improving conditions for pedestrians and cyclists in Lewes. The LSTF funding has to be spent by March 2015.”

Will Elliott


Cycle parking

New space is wasted opportunity

It’s a shame that an initiative such as freeing up a car parking space for bicycles under covered parking has been so poorly realised.

I originally suggested this while working in sustainability at Lewes District Council and then again as part of a Cycle Parking survey to East Sussex County Council for Cycle Lewes. It’s great it has been followed up but it’s also symptomatic of a wider approach to sustainable transport in which nothing joins up or works effectively.

The new parking space in Friars Walk Car Park is difficult to access for cyclists, who have to manoeuvre around reversing cars and has been filled with shopping trolleys every time I’ve been there. It is a wasted opportunity. There are existing bike parking stands at the edge of the carpark where an adjacent car parking space could have been used. And more stands could have been fitted in this space than they ended up with.

There are existing bike stands in Lewes that are not used, possibly because no one knows they’re there. Maybe some signage? There is inadequate bike parking such as the rubbish stands outside Waitrose. There are also places where new bike parking is needed such as outside the Post Office and on Cliffe Street.

Sort it out.

Matthew Bird


Speed limit

Poor choice of spending public funds

Work has started on the 20mph speed limit on King Henry’s Road despite the impossibility a) of speeding along a road with cars parked on both sides and b) enforcing it.

Public money would be better spent on a well lit crossing at the junction between Prince Edward’s Road and the Offham Road.

Is the council waiting for a fatality on this dimly lit corner by a car accelerating from the roundabout, before they act?

Elizabeth Bradshaw


Global warming

Betraying our grandchildren?

I am delighted to read that Cllr Charlton (UKIP) supports “sensible green energy policies” and would like to hear what he considers they are, and the quantity required.

I am amazed that he is still in denial of global warming and suggest he reads “The Coming Famine” by Julian Cribb.

The trouble is that if those in power do nothing to mitigate the approaching world catastrophe, they will not suffer the consequences.

It will be our grandchildren in 2050 who face the disasters, and it will be too late to do anything about it by then. We will be guilty of a massive betrayal of our descendants – and the planet.

Desmond Gunner


A27 improvements

Party unity is clearly no so

I have no wish to get embroiled into a war of words in your columns with Messrs Hart and Beck over the Uckfield-Lewes rail issue, which they have been disputing here for at least the past 12 years.

I am continuing my researches however, and will I hope report my own conclusions in a future edition. Meanwhile, I would draw the attention of Mike Richards, whose letter concerning the views of the Conservative Party on the BML2 project triggered my interest in the first instance, to the published views of a senior local Conservative East Sussex County Councillor Charles Peck on the question of his favourite hobby-horse – the A27. Mr Peck wrote in the Express last year in outright condemnation of a new dual carriageway, so Mr Richards’ claims that his Party are united on the subject is plainly a falsehood.

And perhaps Mr Richards could clarify also his own position. While I believe he has stood (unsuccessfully) in the past in local elections on a “blue” ticket, I believe he is a local farmer and owns land in the area. Perhaps he should clarify whether any of that land would be used for the dual-carriageway he is so keen to see built. In political terms, it’s called “declaring an interest”. Or not.

Regards Bob Brown