Why is this stuff happening?

It was great to see a good turn out at the demonstration against the proposed concrete plant. Luckily the weather was fine.

Why this facility is anywhere near the lovely East Beach is hard to comprehend. It’s just another example of Seaford and Newhaven being dumped on by East Sussex County Council. As it is the District Council in Lewes are bad enough at ignoring the wishes of locals! And why we need a separate incinerator – as advocated by Michael Burns –to burn medical waste, is quite beyond me.

Why is all this unwanted stuff happening? If our hardly-seen MP could remember that her first duty is to her constituents (as opposed to polishing her career within the Westminster bubble ) then locals would feel that they have an effective voice. ‘Storming’ Norman would not have put up with this nonsense for a moment!

Paul Lambert

Bowden Rise, Seaford