Why no public consultation for Ringmer site?

I share Cllr Peter Gardiner’s conclusion that the potential new employment site P12 on farmland off Gote Lane, Ringmer, is a non-runner.

Its prominent location in outstanding countryside, just a stone’s throw from the Downs and within the new National Park, are quite sufficient grounds for the suggestion to be rejected out of hand.

However, I have searched the 181 pages (plus appendices) of Lewes District Council’s Employment Land Review, currently on their website, and I cannot find any justification for Cllr Gardiner’s statement (letters, March 25) that site P12 is ruled out within the consultant’s report.

On the contrary, in Table 10.1 on page 124 it is ranked fifth out of their 12 best new sites for Lewes District.

It is a shame that Lewes District Council did not instruct their consultants to consult locally.

Had they done so, they would have learned that Ringmer Parish Council has already published its own survey of potential new employment sites.

This has identified a far better site than any of those considered, and might just have been helpful. If the local economy is to improve, high quality employment sites are essential.

Responsible local authorities must cooperate to ensure the right sites are identified. Local knowledge is the key. It is also a lot cheaper for Lewes District Council to contact its town and parish councils, who possess such knowledge, than it is to employ national consultants.

John Kay,