Why no response on Seaford beach safety?

Due to continued Environment Agency disinterest in seeking a new approach to the maintenance of our beach, Norman Baker MP has now been asked several times to take up this pressing issue directly within Government.

Sadly to date no satisfactory response has been received, despite a very clear danger to swimmers when using the beach as it presently exists.

Due to the instability of the lower part of the beach and particularly at or around high tide, an unpredictable water surge can develop which has been known to cause people to be pulled from the water. The EA is deaf to this fact and in denial.

Very dissapointingly, Seaford Town Council appears also to be apathetic; it isn’t even clear whether they still meet with the EA to directly discuss the situation.

Sadly therefore we are no further forward in seeing at least a small section of beach provided which will give everybody a good chance of enjoying the sea in safety.

Although any alternative strategy to the existing “shingle re-alignment” strategy of the past 26 years is going to take time to produce and implement, it is essential the momentum for change is maintained – the petition (to date signed by more than 2,500 local people and visitors) undoubtedly carries weight in this regard. It makes clear that the desire for a new and less hazardous beach, accessible for all and not just the fittest, is an aim shared by many local people and visitors alike.

The petition can be found in the Old Plough Inn, Church Street, Seaford.

Please do sign the petition if you would like to see Seaford (as in the past) boast a beach that we can all be proud of.

Jim Skinner