Why single out Lewes as gateway to South Downs National Park?

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I have to ask why Lewes station now sports large signs claiming it to be ‘Gateway to the South Downs National Park’?

Is Southease not also deserving of that accolade? What about Newhaven, with its access to the Tidemills area of the park or the breathtaking ramble over Heighton Hill to Firle Beacon? Or, for that matter, Seaford, with its famous walk to Cuckmere Haven?

I have great affection for Lewes, the town where I was born, but coupling the National Park with towns selectively is nothing short of a regrettable example of snobbery. Surely it would be better to allow each railway station in or abutting the park to have such signs, complete with information on which parts of the South Downs can be accessed from there?

Henry Page