Why the wholesale destruction along the Ouse?

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I was sad to read in your letters’ pages about someone picking masses of violets on Castle Banks.

I’ve since seen worse depredations on the banks of the Ouse.

The west bank north of Lewes was topped in many places by hawthorn trees and bramble – ideal wildlife and bird habitat.

On Sunday I walked along the Ouse from Willeys Bridge in Lewes towards Offham.

On the high bank or bund alongside the river every single hawthorn tree, shrub and bramble has been freshly cut down to the ground.

I counted 55 stumps. From the look of it, all the wood was burnt on the spot.

This is an open water meadow used only for grazing. In summers past, I’ve heard yellowhammers hidden in the hawthorns chanting their lament ‘little bit of bread and no cheese’.

Can any readers account for this wholesale destruction?

Sallie Sullivan

Sun Street,