Why was bonfire tab so offensive?

I was not there so did not see it, only picking up the things in the Express and a little bit of back hearsay, but the whole thing stinks.

1) How did the county council get wind or sight of the tab, time gone by no one knew what the tab was until it came out of the shed, how did the council get enough time to lash it on Twitter, if as the council say they have nothing to do with the model or created the model with it why did they stick their nose where it was not wanted, shouldn’t they have been getting on with their jobs or making tea for the team leader.

2) Why was this tab more offensive than previous ones Amin, Bi n Laden, Hussein, Maggie T, US presidents, Argie in a tin can ‘Afer Scargil’ etc etc, oh and remember that great big condom when Richard Branson took up the new Virgin condom venture.

What was so sacrosanct here?

3) As for Christina Cowen might I ask did they (Waterloo) paint Mr Salmond in red, yellow, or black? if not where does the racist thing come in?

Seems Mr Salmond took it in good faith so what’s her problem and I might point out the tableau was not political none of the societies bandy politics race or religion in their celebrations.

You see lots of people come to Lewes for a free night’s entertainment being ignorant of the proceedings, they don’t do their home work before they come and they go home ignorant, many the worse for alcoholic wear.

Since when did the police have the power to take tabs or other street pieces out a procession if they were not a danger or threat to the public.

I recall that a number of years ago I was refused to take cross pieces over the bridge that was at the cross roads by Boots, the crosses had just a few minutes left to burn so I gave the officer a choice let us through and throw them in the river or have them burn out on the crowd your choice, well of course he let the cross pieces through didn’t he, some who knew nothing but knew better.

And Waterloo, oh dear where was your backbone, there must have been someone with bottle?

Ah well I always did have a big mouth when someone or idiot has a pop at Lewes celebrations

R C McWethy