Wildlife - Plea to gardeners for caution

For those keen gardeners wanting to make most of the bank holiday weekend to get pruning their hedges and mowing their lawns, we’d like to urge a note of caution.

Every year the RSPCA receive calls about wild animals with distressing and often fatal garden injuries which would often be easily avoided if people checked for wildlife first.

Already this spring we have had reports of hedgehogs, fledglings and snakes caught in strimmers and in the past our wildlife centres have cared for a toad with its hind legs chopped off by a strimmer, a hedgehog burnt in pampas grass clearance, and a blackbird speared by a garden fork.

Unless care is taken there could be many more casualties this year.

Quick checks for wild animals lurking in the grass or foliage could be all that is needed to save them losing a limb – or life.

Adam Grogan

RSPCA senior wildlife scientist