Will BML2 be of benefit to Lewes?

Brian Hart refers in his letter about BML2 to “a new tunnel under downland west of Lewes”.

This is disingenuous and takes a very loose definition of “Lewes”. I’d urge people to have a look at the map on the BML2 website which shows a large railway cutting between Lewes and Hamsey, and then the tunnel itself. Then there’s the BML2 “spur” to Lewes, which is another new line.

All this would clearly not only greatly diminish the countryside of the South Downs National Park visually and with noise, but also indisputably have a detrimental impact on a huge number of residents in Lewes across Nevill, Landport, Wallands and more, very possibly extending to the whole town if you follow the path of the lines.

With that in mind any support for this short-sighted plan in Lewes would be surprising to say the least.

It’s certainly notable that none of those listed by Brian Hart live in Lewes, but instead serve areas far more likely to benefit economically from having our environment, and that of our surrounding villages, destroyed at zero negative impact to where they themselves represent.

I have no support for Norman Baker but at least his resistance to putting his name to this plan shows an understanding of his constituency and its needs.

Let’s reopen Lewes to Uckfield – arguably more likely to happen if pursued in its own right – but we don’t have to ruin our town and countryside permanently with BML2 to achieve it.

Unfortunately though the legacy for Lewes of BML2 supporters if it ever goes ahead will be a lesser, noisier Lewes and our precious countryside further reduced and destroyed.

Steve George