Wind farms - let’s pursue real energy solutions

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We the undersigned would urge Lewes District Council, East Sussex County Council, Newhaven Town Council, Seaford Town Council, South Downs National Park Authority and the Marine Management Organisation, not to increase fuel bills any higher by going forward with the Rampion Wind Farm.

At last, the politicians and the press are realising that UKIP have been right all along.

Every time there is a new wind farm, the cost of fuel bills increases.

Offshore wind farms get a 200 percent subsidy, ie tax payers’ money. The only gain is to the companies who build them.

With the effects of weather and salt corrosion that are so damaging, a turbine’s output falls from 45 percent to barely 12 percent within a decade.

It will cost millions of pounds to replace them. The chief scientific adviser to the Department of Energy and Climate could not dispute these findings.

Apart from being a threat to marine life, such as dolphins and whales, there is a real threat to people being able to stay warm in winter.

Last year, 32,000 people died in this country, due to not being able to heat there homes.

This is 2014, not 1514. For real investment and jobs for Newhaven and beyond and to improve the air quality for the residents and future generations, let us pursue real energy solutions, such as Hydro-electric and wave power.

Cllr Charlton

Cllr Carstairs

Cllr Howson

Cllr Buchanan

Cllr Pursglove

Cllr Keeley

Cllr Phillips